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ipfs routinely deals with international insurance companies, tpas, claims adjusters, assistance companies, embassies and other government organizations. with a highly effective call structure and trained professionals, we make an immediate difference to your organizationís reimbursement.

billing of international insurance companies by ipfs can greatly affect your businessís revenue cycle. many healthcare providers have limited resources; international insurance claims are billed manually and are therefore more expensive than domestic claims. obtaining payment can be a painstakingly long process. complying with international insurance companies requirements requires patience and in many cases, the ability to assist the patient through the claims process. using a systematic approach for each claim, we will identify problem accounts, obtain any information needed for processing, and streamline the entire insurance reimbursement process so your business will have access to this revenue more quickly and efficiently.

international calls through 24 time zones, international mail and following up with the insured party to obtain claim forms, medical history and deductibles no longer create extra costs for you.

us healthcare providers are seeing the effect of silent ppo discounts being extended to foreign insurers and more foreign insurers are seeking deep discounts from us healthcare providers.  ipfs can work with you to limit these discounts, decrease your write-offs, and increase your revenue. ipfs confirms benefits and ensures that an insurance company will pay. we meet all pre-authorization requirements. we work with you to reduce the effect of silent ppos from foreign insurers and maximize provider payment on non-contracted payer claims.


>   we specialize in international healthcare accounts
>   we can increase your cash flow
>   fully automated file submission
>   custom-tailored programs

>   seamless management of international accounts
>   improve patient experience and relationship
>   early interventions equal maximum results

third party & patient balance accounts
>   ipfs routinely works with international insurance companies, tpa's, claims adjusters, assistance companies, embassies and governmental entities


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