hipaa compliance

the health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 mandates the standardization of electronic patient health, administrative and financial data, unique health identifiers for individuals, employers, health plans and health care providers and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure full compliance with the standards for primary or individual health information and electronic data interchange.

at ipfs, our policies regarding patient and client information are already among the highest in the industry and understanding and complying with hipaa requirements is a primary concern.  we are fully hipaa compliant and protect the privacy of all protected health information (phi) that is received or creating in the course of working with a client or patient.  our collection professionals are highly trained in all areas of hipaa compliance and undergo routine training updates as part of our quality control. 

transactions handled via our client portal are secure and encrypted, as are our email communications.  ipfs is a worldwide industry leader in the collection of international accounts receivables and we are committed to the security of the information of our clients and their patients. 


>   we specialize in international healthcare accounts
>   we can increase your cash flow
>   fully automated file submission
>   custom-tailored programs

>   seamless management of international accounts
>   improve patient experience and relationship
>   early interventions equal maximum results

third party & patient balance accounts
>   ipfs routinely works with international insurance companies, tpa's, claims adjusters, assistance companies, embassies and governmental entities

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