faq for clients

q. what exactly is ipfs?  a. international patient financial services (ipfs) provides early-out billing services for international patient accounts. we offer hospitals and healthcare providers comprehensive service for their international patient accounts before the need for collection agency work arises.  

q. why ipfs?  a. we are the experts. we specialize in international healthcare accounts Ė thatís what we do. and while international accounts make up the smallest volume of providerís healthcare accounts, they often represent the largest cost as a percentage of their volume. we can help change that. 

q. what makes ipfs the experts?  a. service professionals trained in international patient accounts able to speak to facilities and patients in their language.  established relationships with international third party payers and assistance companies result in maximum payments.

hipaa compliant
phi confidentiality
technology proficient
reporting versatility 

  q. how will this help my business?  a. no extra cost to allocate your employees to international patient accounts across 24 time zones.

worldwide account resolution.
accounts are paid earlier and at a lower contingency fee.
seamless relationship with your business office to manage international patient accounts.
improve service provided to your international patients after they have left a us medical facility and minimize complaints.

we work with uninsured patients to set up payment plans and monitor their success. 

q. how are accounts submitted?  a. accounts may be submitted via paper, encrypted email, or ftp server among others. 

q. what kind of programs does ipfs offer?  a. ipfs will customize a program tailored to your international patient accounts.


>   we specialize in international healthcare accounts
>   we can increase your cash flow
>   fully automated file submission
>   custom-tailored programs

>   seamless management of international accounts
>   improve patient experience and relationship
>   early interventions equal maximum results

third party & patient balance accounts
>   ipfs routinely works with international insurance companies, tpa's, claims adjusters, assistance companies, embassies and governmental entities


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