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international patient financial services’ objective is to offer hospitals early-out billing services for international patient accounts. we provide comprehensive services for your international patient accounts before the need for collection agency work arises. this approach offers the best value for returns on international travel insurance, commercial insurance, embassy guaranteed, and self-pay after insurance.

we become an extension of your business office, allowing us to do the international work while you control the processes. in some instances, healthcare providers either do not have the staff or resources or volume of business to develop their employees’ talents for the international patients. that is when ipfs steps in and custom-designs a program to fit your needs.

many providers are burdened with a backlog of international receivables and held back by incorrect phone numbers and addresses, language barriers and time zone constraints. ipfs manages newly incurred receivables to increase your cash flow with immediate effect. international accounts make up the smallest volume of healthcare accounts, but they often represent the largest cost as a percentage of their volume.

> ipfs specializes in international healthcare accounts.
> ipfs can increase your cash flow by maximizing results.
> accounts may be submitted via paper, encrypted email or secure ftp server.
> ipfs customizes programs tailored to your internationals.


>   we specialize in international healthcare accounts
>   we can increase your cash flow
>   fully automated file submission
>   custom-tailored programs

>   seamless management of international accounts
>   improve patient experience and relationship
>   early interventions equal maximum results

third party & patient balance accounts
>   ipfs routinely works with international insurance companies, tpa's, claims adjusters, assistance companies, embassies and governmental entities

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